Sunday, January 29, 2012

Toastbox, my happiness in a box!

I've been eyeing this uber-cute resto ever since I started working in The Fort, Taguig. Reason was the interior including the comfort room looks like my dream bedroom and the photos of the foodah on the menu look so deliciously sinful. But given the interiors, I knew that that resto would require me to either withdraw a handsome amount of money at my ATM or wash the dishes in exchange for payment. I was wrong.

Photo from their official Facebook Fan Page
One fateful day, my officemates and I finally acknowledged the fact that we'll be forever craving about this Toastbox unless we give our curiosities a chance to taste it. Sweldo day ata yun kaya malalakas ang loob. O sya, upon entrance, we went directly to the cashier where the pictures of the foodah are placed on a poster above. I saw their noodles ranging from P180-P200++ so I immediately disregarded ordering one. Besides, I'm there for the TOAST. I asked "ate" in the counter about their bestseller toast box, which was the one with coconut paste and butter(?). Nga lang, I was doubtful at that time about the coconut paste--I don't want to risk a possibility rushing to the CR afterwards. So after some staring sa menu, I decided venture on their Floss Set for P150. That includes a really tall glass of tea and two soft-boiled eggs.

In all honesty, I didn't know what to do with the soft-boiled egg. Aba, hindi naman ako nagtotoast-toast-an sa bahay no! Sorry naman sa fried rice every breakfast ko, charot! So ayun, my officemate started breaking the egg shell and lo and behold ang messy pala nyang kainin. So we learned our lesson from her and broke it gently with napkins ready to the rescue. Although parang ang awkward samahan ng soft-boiled egg ang floss bread, I was so freakin shocked nung tinikman ko na. Isang OMG na malutong ang aking na-say. It was so delicious! And not mention, the tea also tasted great! It's very much unlike yung mga nauusong tea-tea (oops no malice there) sa mga malls--yung mga tipong mapapait na ewan. Malamang tea, pero di naman kailangan magsuffer ng aking tongue sa pait duvah.

I learned na may iba pa palang branches ito like sa Trinoma with Bread Talk, and in Robinsons Ermita. Kaso lang both are very hard to find. Yung sa Rob Place Manila, dulong-dulo, di mo aakalaing may resto pa dun, akala mo bodega na lang. Sa Trinoma din, medyo mahirap hanapin. My P150 was so worth it. Actually, if you're not into getting the whole set/meal, you can just order the toastbox itself for P60. Then P15 for every egg. But I totally advise that you put 2 soft-boiled eggs para hindi bitin. On my second visit kasi to the place, I tried to have only 1 egg and I ended up longing for another. (Hahaha, ang pangit basahin ng sentence na yan)

Bottom line: It's a must try talaga, especially if you are a huge fan of floss breads. I haven't tried their rice meals pa. I can't say I'm that interested in them eh. And the place is really cute for chitchats or even dates.


  1. HAHAHA nakakatawa ka mag blog. Masarap nga dito! :D - Sandie

  2. Haha, mishu sandie. Ikaw ba miss ko o ang pambubully sayo? Haha. Jowkssss :)

  3. Hmmm.. tingin ko yung pambubully e. Mishu too, D Squared!