Saturday, January 28, 2012

Taking yogurt to a next level: White Hat and Tutti Frutti!

My tastebuds celebrate when they are fed with sweet and tangy food like Yo-Gurrrrt! I just love the combination of maasim and matamis melting in my mouth, but not too much kasi it's nakakaumay like yeah. (haha, baliw) So in behalf of my tastebuds, I am very thankful that the yogurt craze or fad has finally invaded Metro Manila malls. I am particularly thankful that Tutti Frutti and White Hat are both around. I don't see them as competitors actually, because they have different selling points. Lemme digest these even further:

1. Tutti Frutti

With Tutti Frutti, you are absolutely in control of your yogurt experience--from the size, to the flavors, down to the add-ons, you're the boss. So kung lasang rubber shoes na nakatapak ng *** yung order mo, all your fault teh. Haha. But what I suggest is this:

Combine the original (white) yogurt with taro (of course, violet sya. magulat ka kung yellow itech). Then sprinkle some rice crispies na madaling maubos, then dash in some graham power, and get crazy with the caramel syrup na isa pang madaling maubos. Kapag nakakasawa na, well for me never syang nakakasawang combi, you can add lychee-flavored yogurt para mas bongga.

Tutti Frutti has its own wifi aside from the one present in all SM malls. So if puno sa Starbucks kasi nakataas pa yung paa nung mga nagrereview sa loob (nakalimutan atang coffee shop yun at hindi bahay nor library), you can opt to try out several flavors in Tutti Frutti and enjoy the free wifi. Madalas kasi, hindi sila puno :( And if you're not sure of the flavor you want to put, you can ask the ate and kuya to give you free tastes!


2. White Hat

How does White Hat differ from Tutti Frutti? White Hat offers prolly around 10 ready-made combinations that could very well suit diverse tastes and likings. I have tried 3 of them just recenty, but I can't remember the names na. One is with blueberry cheesecake, another is with dark chocolate and brownies, and the last one is with caramel syrup and brownies. All of them used original-flavored yogurt at bumawi ng todo sa mga add-ons. Since they are ready-made na for a fixed price, you can be almost sure na masarap na sila talaga, kesa sa pag iimbento mo ng mga combinations sa TF. 

(Wala akong picture nung may caramel syrup) It's also a plus for White Hat kasi they offer service water aside from their smoothies. And alam ko, TF does not offer even a glass of tap water (YATA). Btw, sa smoothies naman, yung kiwi pa lang nattry ko sa White Hat. Okay naman, not too sour unlike other kiwi-flavored foodah. I'm not sure though kung may libreng wifi sa White Hat, after all, yogurt pinunta mo dun at hindi gumawa ng assignment no, I suppose. 

Bottom line: If feeling scientist ka, go with Tutti Frutti. Experiment. Enjoy. But kung wala kang self-confidence (hahaha) go with White Hat. Either way, if you love yogurt, both should be great for you. 


  1. hehe wala akong ma-say, bonggang kwela ang review mo :) benta in fairness, your selling points make me wanna try them right now :) I will definitely put these yogurts in my itinerary next time i go back to Manila :)

  2. Oh, hi! Thanks for your comment! :) If time comes you have devised a new yogurt combination in TF, let us know! Take care! :)