Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Latey Katy? But kinda worth it.

Katy Perry gave me an epic first time. It was my first time to wait for a performance for more than two hours STANDING really, really straight. Hell yeah challenge to my knees and ankles. There was no way for you to sit first while waiting because the Mall of Asia concert ground is full with over 25,000 exhausted fans. And to top it all off, there was not even one organizer/staff that went on stage or grabbed a microphone at the backstage to assure everyone that the concert was not a big joke. It was so frustrating. My legs were so shaky so I kept on semi-squatting for a couple of secs from time to time just so to make sure my knee joints are still functioning. This is no exaggerating, ha. When I watched Black Eyed Peas at the same concert ground under same ticket lane (?), the audience only waited for one hour and endured some songs from an all-girl group front act. Endured talaga term? Lol. But this one’s epic.

Thank God Katy Perry did emerge from the stage. She quipped about having too much technical difficulty that night so the reason for the delay is obvious. And she being Katy Perry, one can’t take to get angry. Well of course, technical difficulties are outside a singer’s power.  Bumawi sya, big time. She was so great on stage! Even her dancers and props were to die for. I somehow regretted not getting the more expensive ticket—sa props palang, bawing-bawi na ang datung mo. What made a mark that night was her acoustic version of “The One That Got Away”. We wondered if she was thinking of her husband (technically “husband” pa rin since hindi pa officially divorced), haha. ;) Above is my VERY poor photo of her. Haha.

And this one I must say: I saw her face to face! Her limo was passing by in front of Taste of Asia and the crowd was literally running towards her! I was soooo lucky to accidentally see her in about one or two meters away. Talk about destiny, chos. Kung nagmadali kami maglakad ng aking mga friends, hindi ko siya makikita.

Bottom line: There are things that are worth the wait. Katy is. But I just hope a representative from the crew showed up in those tiring 2.5 hours.  And if you’re less than five feet like me, please, invest on ultra-comfortable high heels AND get a much expensive ticket when it’s in MOA!         

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