Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lulur Scrub at Oils and Scrubs Spa

So last Friday I finally experienced full body scrub at my favorite spa in Makati City, Oils and Scrubs Spa. I'm a junkie for massages and pampering as long as they are really dirty cheap. The package I availed myself of yesterday was Lulur Whitening Scrub with 1-Hour Massage for P499. If it weren't for their promo (lasting until January 31, 2012), I wouldn't jump all the way from The Fort to Amorsolo and celebrate my <3 monthsary there. Without the promo, a 1-Hour Massage costs P400 and the Lulur scrub alone is I think around P499.

I already imagined it would be great, and indeed it was. Before the scrubbing session started, "Ate" asked me to undress and wear the disposable underwear they provided. Then, she asked me to pick which among the Asian Secrets scrubs I want her to use by smelling them. Holy cow I forgot to asked the difference of the three aside from the fragrance! But anyhow, I didn't smell it much since I was facing downwards. Then it started. My back experienced a scrub like never before! Well, of course I scrub myself at home--duh--but "Ate" managed to wrestle with my dead skin cells in my very-hard-to-reach areas in heavy, circular motion. Felt like she was rebelliously painting at my back.

Once finished, she left me in the cubicle for about 5 to 10 minutes to let the scrub kind of sink in to my skin and then she asked me to shower. The shower room, btw, is fine but was sooo slippery. The rubber tsinelas barely helped. And then of course, I came back to the cubicle dry and had the 1-hour Swedish massage.

After all the pampering, I was given a free Asian Secret Olive Oil Soap. :)

Bottom line: I would love to go back, but I'd rather try their other scrub options like oatmeal, black sugar, etc. I could just buy the same Asian Secrets scrub tub in Watsons for P130 anyway ;)

And be realistic: Don't expect "Ate" to scrub all of your "singits", especially the private parts. Should be thankful there are people who are willing to do it for you :P It's our body anyway.

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