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Beijing Foot Spa - Greenhills

So I'm off to another blog post this Easter! This time, though I've vowed on a teaser yesterday to write 3 restos, let me divert to another spa haven this time in Greenhills, San Juan. I'm talking about Beijing Foot Spa, which is right in front of Mercury Drug in GH and a stone's throw away from G Strip and the GH mall parking lot.
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This was a random spa pick since le boypren and I went to Tiendesitas for some window-puppy-shopping (btw, most of them look sickly and sad). Thanks to the free shuttle from Tien to GH, we got our feet on another adventure. We didn't intend to have a foot massage pero the walk we had in Tien and some strolling in GH for Sigma lenses were both exhausting! We were so tired, siguro dahil na rin sa init ng panahon, so I said na if we could find a TonTon Thai Massage branch somewhere in GH, we would go. Pero we had no more energy left to explore the place even further. We ended up in this posh-looking spa which was both heaven and hell. Let me continue explaining.

Heaven: There was a good atmosphere upon entering the premises. Yellow lights (my favorite mood-setter) and calming music welcomed us. Though to my surprise, may TV sa reception area, which is very uncommon in spas kasi they usually aim for minimized noise.

It is also 'heaven' to note kasi I had a great time with the way my massage went. Le boypren and I chose the foot massage package that included head, hand, legs, and should massages aside from the foot massage itself. This went on for 70 minutes or more and cost P500 per head. They don't have full body massage prolly because they want to build a reputation on their foot spa expertise and not become one of the common massage centers. Also prolly because of the pic below:
They don't have beds! This is not just true for our package. I checked out other rooms na nakabukas yung doors and lahat sila, ganyan ang laman sa loob. Lazy boy chairs with LCD TVs. Pareho yung movie na nagpplay sa lazy boys namin ni le boypren but we opted to turn our TVs off. We wanted to relax and concentrate on that feeling. Movies can be done some other day.

Hell: While I was struggling not to sleep--ang sarap kasi nung massage sa akin--I noticed that le boypren kept on asking his 'ate' for specific directions, tipong wag po madiin, stuff like that. Nung pauwi na kami dun nya sakin sinabi the torture he went through. Haha! It's something kasi le boypren is a part-time masochist (gustong gusto nyang "tinatapakan" ko sya at hinahampas sa likod. massage yon sa kanya), pero this is the first time na sumuko or nagreklamo si le boypren sa pain. So I must have been lucky with my 'ate'!

Bottomline: If not for le boypren's daing, haha, I would have praised this spa ng bongga. I guess, with spas, hindi talaga pwede ginegeneralize kasi at the end of the day, your experience will depend with how your particular "ate" executed the massage.

Btw, medyo nagulantang lang ako nung nag-cr ako dito. Ang CR sa spa na ito ay separated by gender, so no sharing of cubicles sympre. Pero nung pumila ako sa labas ng pambabae, nagulantang lang ako kay kuya na lumabas ng pinto! Nagulat din sya and I guess napahiya nung nakita ako, dahil we both know he shouldn't have been there! Baka di na nya makontrol ang tawag ni Mother Nature at dahil may tao sa boy's CR  he pushed his luck. Naloka ako, di na sana ako tutuloy, pero ang tagal na ng hinintay ko sa labas.

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