Saturday, January 21, 2012

Syempre may welcome post!

Hello mga teh! Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to all. Thank you. (Gay beauty queen? JK)

Welcome to my travel and lifestyle blog, Tara, Teh (In English: Let's go, sis! -- Naks, assumerang may foreigner reader). I have always been fascinated with travel and lifestyle ever since grade school thanks to my over-exposure to cable TV, particularly with The Lifestyle Channel. That's more than more than a decade ago! And gladly, after graduating with a degree on AB Journalism in the University of Santo Tomas (Go Uste!) I eventually landed in an international travel and lifestyle magazine as its Feature Editor. I've  been literally going places lately, in and outside my working hours, celebrating my youth and the leftovers of my payslip.

Expect a plethora of personal reviews on restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, and other bunch of things in this blog. For teaser's sake, I vow to make my reviews on Casa Roces Restaurant, Cyma Greek Restaurant, Resorts World Manila's Passion and Noodleworks restos, Toast Box, La Tienda Spanish Restaurant, Buffalo Wild Chicken Wings, and many, many more. (Bakit puro pagkain? Read: Why you so gluttonous??)

So let's lafang, chill, beautify, and gala together--at least virtually! Share with me your thoughts, okay? ;)

Love lots,


PS: This is a personal blog. My comments are unbiased and have nothing to do with my current media affiliation. My very inactive Twitter account is @danielleclara. Will try to use that thing for this blog.

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