Friday, February 3, 2012

UST Reader's Cafe: I MISS :(

I'm missing a lot of things from UST. The flood, the profs, the stress, joke. ;P But I'm really missing the Reader's Cafe at the ground floor of the four-storey library. I'll do my best to be able to visit and dine there again. Thank goodness access is easy with the alumni card. I love Coffee Fantasy cake, BTS (Better-Than-Sex) cake, and Cappuccino Bar :( Oh, schedule, please cooperate.

I vow to take pictures of each when schedule allows :( For the meantime, here's a photo from its official Facebook Fan Page. That's their ONLY photo there. Haha.

The last time I tasted BTS cake was when le boyfriend bought one for me during my confinement at UST Hospital last November.

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