Friday, February 24, 2012

Recipe Restaurant - Rob Ermita branch

Last week le family and I ate at my much-recommended resto, Recipe. May mga konting branches na rin ito around the metro but the one in Robinson's Place Ermita lang ang na-try ko na. The first time I ate there was almost a year ago and it was a wonderful gastronomic experience. Ang tanda ko noon, mura lang yung bill na binayaran ko. Mga P500 or less for three persons. We had 3 ulams if le memory is right.

Oh well. Buti hindi ako ang taya this time. It ballooned to over P900 for four pax with just three ulams in place. Inflation drama? Chos. But everything still tasted remarkably well.

The Bestseller: General's Chicken

What I surprised me the most: Daing Fillet
As you might have noticed, halos ubos na yung mga foodang sa akin photos. Le me kasi nakalimutang piktyuran agad. And honestly, maliit ang servings nila. The Daing Fillet has a fried egg on top which surprisingly complements the teriyaki-tasting fish. And mind you, it's so easy to cook diba?

Meanwhile, moreover, furthermore, in addition, HAHA, the Gising-Gising is not something na ipinagdiwang ng tastebuds ko. Not that hindi masarap. So-so level lang. Btw, they only serve kanin per cup, unlike other restos na may good for (insert number of pax here) in one big plate.

Sadly, we didn't get to have desserts since we were in a hurry to catch the supermarket hours dahil mga 9:30PM na ata nun.

Bottom line: Food here is great, but it won't stop me from scouting for other great recipes.

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