Friday, February 3, 2012

Facial Express by Skin Station

It's been ages since I had my facial. I used to have it regularly in Forever Flawless since college, but my wild schedule at work no longer permits such luxurious time. Thank goodness le boyfriend gave me a high-end face mirror as gift last Christmas (talagang kailangang i-identify na high-end? Haha, OA kasi sa mahal e!). Ginamit ko yung "zoom technology" nung mirror na iyon kaninang umaga and lo and behold my black and whiteheads standing proud on my face. Nagsusumigaw at nagmamakaawa ang fez ko for a facial.

I remembered the Skin Station clinic at most the topmost floor of Robinson Manila (Midtown) and opted to look at its price list. The prices are reasonable. Actually P50 cheaper to Flawless. FF's regular facial is P350 while Skin Station's is P300. I immediately phoned the clinic to reserve the 7:30pm slot this Friday. The very polite telephone operator confirmed my appointment and asked for my mobile number. Then she texted me at 7pm telling me that I can choose to have my treatment as early as 7pm. It's good that they are doing the PR thingy right (or dahil first-time client nila ako?).

So I went it. I'm surprised that each client regardless of the treatment are given solo cubicles. Hindi yun tipong kurtina lang ang divider ha? Separate cubicle talaga--unlike Flawless na nagkakakitaan kayo. I think that's also the setup with Let's Face It. I've never tried facial there. They have a reputation online of being harsh kaya sila mura (P250 regular facial).

The entire facial session was the usual ritual I have with Flawless. Linis muna, facial massage, steam. But the difference is mas matagal yata nga steam with SS. And mas masarap yung temperature sa fez. Not harsh. Then the "ate" started minor pricking while the steam is on. Pero napakamild lang nung heat so no worries. Eventually, she turned off the steam nung nose area na ang ipiprick.The pricking was so gentle! Almost painless. Seriously. Of course there were a couple of ouch moments, pero nonetheless (naks) in general hindi talaga masakit. I'm also impressed that "ate" really took note of the entire fez ultimo kasingit-singitan--unlike sa FF na nose area and cheeks lang kadalasan ang ginagalaw sa akin.

Ang wala sa SS na meron sa FF ay yung hand steam and massage. But, in all honesty, keber ba sa kamay service kung facial ang pinunta mo, right? Don't get me wrong. Bilib din ako sa Flawless. Sa kanila, 9 out 10 never dumugo ang fez ko. Dito sa SS, ang dami ng red spots afterwards.

Bottom line: But still, I think I'm coming back to Skin Station. Given the proximity to my mom's nest in Malate and the medyo-sosyal na ambiance for a cheaper price--and the gentle pricking to top it all off--I guess Skin Station will be my regular facial spot. I'll book a slot for their month-long P700 promo for facial, collagen mask and diamond peel three weeks from now. Without the promo, total of those 3 services is P1,600.

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