Friday, February 3, 2012

Hershey's Lip Balm

It's just crazy. Imagine a chocolate-flavored lip balm by Hershey's! I got this from my former office mate Sandie as a gift from the US. Hope they sell it here in Manila 'cause I bet isang buwan lang itatagal nito sa akin. Yummy :))

Once I'm done with this, I'll post photos of another lip balm gift I got from my current office mate, Kristine. Raspberry naman ang flavor. ;) Btw, I before Hershey's, my lip balm was Maybelline's Raspberry. It doesn't taste like it but it has a bit of color that helps my anemic lips. Just like my Maybelline lip balm, I put Hershey's on first before a lipstick (yehes, nagli-lipstick na ako ngayon!) as moisturizer. Chaka kasi if dry yung lips tapos lalagyan ng lipstick, either nagbubuo-buo or parang nagbabalat lang yung labi ko pero shiny pink yung balat, haha. 

Another BTW: Forgive my poor photos. They're taken from my phone camera. Kapag may matinong photo sa blog na ito, it's either from my bf's Sony DSLR or from a different website. Anyway, I'm attributing them accordingly.

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