Friday, April 6, 2012

Zen Institute Diamond Peel and Full Body Massage

This experience is nearing its anniversary so I have to dig deeper in le memory. I got the services due to again, a GC from le former boss RJ as my welcome pack in the magazine where I was features editor. The GC was good for P5,000 worth of services in Zen Institute which is tumbling-away from my previous office in The Fort. It's a bit hard to notice since it's right in the middle of a gasoline station (Shell) which is very unassuming. Akalain mong may tulad ng Zen Institute somewhere there. This Shell I'm talking about is across St. Lukes Med Center in Taguig.

In places like these (spa, facial clinics, etc), I am reluctant to take photos. I don't think I'm the only who thinks that going to these places is considered a private thingy for many. So, no official photos from yours truly.

This was my first time to have a Diamond Peel evur. Akala ko kung anong meron sa treatment na itey. Bakit may ginugulong lang na pen-like electric chever sa mukha ko which was making (machine) noise? Sabi ni ate attendant, there's a diamond daw in the dulo of the pen-like chever. Haha. Nakakairita na ba ako? Oh well, ayun. After 30 minutes or so, may tumigil ang pag gulong ng pen-like chever na ito at may ipinakita si ate na bulak; sabi nya yun daw yung dumi na nakuha sa fez ko. In fairness! Halos waley! Ineexpect ko sing dumi  ng tambucho pero wala! And it worsened my dismay to the whole process even more. I thought to myself: Kung kakarampot lang ang nalilinis ng magic pen na yan, bakit ang mahal and bakit sikat?

Noticing my dismay, (naks!) ate said na it takes a lot of sessions before you totally appreciate diamond peel kasi it is intended to tighten your pores daw. So having 1 session only obviously won't help, but it's a start. Anyhow, I still detested its price (naks ulit, f na f?).

And off to the massage. The body massage I had prior to this was in Club Balai Isabel. Siguro after two weeks or so dun ako nakapag-Zen Institute so medyo fresh pa sa sistema ko yung sarap ng body massage sa Balai Isabel. Therefore, I had a recent experience to compare Zen's service with. I can say that the massage was "kebs". Siguro kasi na-impress ako masyado sa treat ng Balai Isabel at that time (it's a resort in Batangas where Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto wedded).

For one, the cubicle in Zen was so maliit. Mas malaki pa cubicles yata ng Lay Bare Waxing Salon. Ang sikip, and the design was not as grand unlike other high end centers. Actually, it was as plain as it could be. Anyway, people go for massage and not for sight-seeing diba? But I hope I make my point clear when it comes to decors and interiors on spas, especially when it's trying to build a zen image: you have to look like it for customers to think that they're feeling it. Illusion with design. Makes experience more intimate and worth the penny.

Another thing, may isang manong na maingay dun. I guess nagpapamassage din sya a cubicle or two away from mine. He was on the phone with someone, and I think sa lakas ng boses nya, pati kami kausap nya. I know this is beyond the center's control, pero he just added insult to injury. Chos. Nakakairita e. Up to this day naaalala ko yun and gusto ko pa rin syang batuhin. Haha. I just hope na attendants and spa/beauty center managers will be able to devise a polite but effective way of saying shut up to other customers. In all of the spas na I've been to, I've always been considerate of the other customers around by whispering if and when needed to talk. I don't know why people who have been adults for a longer period than me still fail to execute such manners.

Bottomline: Won't go there unless for free again. ;) ORR, might try their other services if given the chance and if needed desperately. I think they have similar services with Belo.

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